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Facebook creeping gone wrong

We’ve all been at both ends of this; the creeper and the creeped on.

This is what happens:

As the creeper, you’re going through someone’s photos, wall, or what have you, when you accidentally like something.  This most commonly happens when you’re deep into someone’s Facebook history, thus making it blatantly obvious that you were hardcore creeping on this person.

Who is this person you’re creeping on?  This is most likely someone who you have some sort of past with.  You were in a long-term relationship with him/her, you guys used to hook up, or you accidentally hooked up one night and have never spoken since.  Good job, now they know you were getting your creep on.

Sure…you could just unlike the post or photo, but that notification has already been sent.  Even if they don’t know exactly what you were creeping on, you were still creeping.  Cue your anxiety because in your mind, they are going to think you are crazy/want to get back together/all that jazz.

CAUTION: Most Facebook creeping sessions gone wrong occur when you’re creeping via cellphone, making it extremely easy to accidentally like something.  You’ve been warned.

As the creeped on, a similar sitchiation goes down, but in the opposite direction, which is in your favor.  You get a notification that your ex significant other/ hookup buddy, or one night stand who you are now repulsed by, liked a photo of you.  Your blood boils a little bit at the very sight of their name and thumbnail photo on your notification box.  Then, you click to see what photo it is, and it’s from like 2009.

Your blood pressure slowly decreases and your immediate thought is HAHA! JOKES ON YOU, SUCKER!  This is instant gratification in that you now know they were checking your shit out, and liking it, nonetheless.  Who cares if this was a case of the aforementioned “accidental ‘like’ via cellphone?”  The point of the matter is, they were creeping, and you have won.

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Huge pillow fight? Count us in!

These Chinese people may actually be on to something.

For everyone who isn’t lucky enough to work here at StudentCity with the best coworkers, managers, and bosses in the game, I’m sure you wouldn’t hate scribbling down the name of your superiors onto a pillow and beating the bag out of the air, or whatever else you may come in contact with.

Remember this next semester when finals come around.

Finals ended not too long ago but back in college I strongly believe that my experience with exams and papers would’ve gone a lot smoother had I written out the names of my professors and topics that I was stuffing my brain with onto something that I then used to hit things with.  A pillow with SHAKESPEARE written across it would’ve eased my mind for that exam.  I might’ve even taken the pillow fight a step further and burned the damn pillow afterwards, after also having stabbed it repeatedly.

Anyways…even if this is not done in an organized manner, I encourage that next semester when exams and papers are stressing you out, gather even just one friend or roommate, get a soft pillow, throw on your favorite music, and go crazy.  Hell, I’d definitely even do this by myself.

One suggestion…

Stowe any breakable items in a safe place for your pillow fight party.

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The chronic Facebook messager

Some people just can’t take a hint. 

Everyone has that one person who tries to chat with them on Facebook on at least a weekly basis, and you never give them the time of day.  They are probably a member of the opposite sex, and you sort of feel bad because they may be virtually harmless, but when that chat box pops up and they have said “hey,” you don’t even as much as say hi back.  You figure that if you don’t answer then this will only be a one-time occurrence.  You’re thinking, they’ll definitely get the hint and I won’t have to awkwardly ignore them again…

Fast forward to four days.  You are again faced with a “hey” from this same individual.  What the hell?  Did they seriously not get it before when I didn’t respond to them and also never signed off of Facebook?  Maybe I will just say something like, “hey, sorry I’ve been busy lately, what’s up?”  Let’s face it, you have no intention of actually saying this, nor is this true.  Whatever.  Once I don’t answer for the second time in four days, they’ll definitely never message me again.

A week later…”hey.”  Are you friggen kidding me? 

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Pittsburgh teens post Facebook photos after robbery

First we have the case of the New York principal under fire for posting a risque photo on Facebook, so we all know how I feel about people posting ridiculous and incriminating things on the internet.

Now there’s these four Pittsburgh teens who robbed a local corner store and posted pictures of themselves with cash and other various stolen property onto Facebook.  Not only do these photos not belong on Facebook, but these photos should not exist at all!  I guess the cops can thank Isaiah and his buddies for doing half of their job for them, by photographing the evidence.

Honestly, where did these guys think these photos were going to land them?  This is the exact opposite of gaining some street cred.

I thought that I had a lot of great laughs reading the statuses that some of my Facebook friends post.  When I go on my de-friending sprees, there are a select few people who I do not delete based on the fact that their statuses and photos are internet gold.  Even better than these nonsense posts are usually the comments that go along with them.  I don’t care that we haven’t seen each other since 7th grade, your public baby daddy bashing is my entertainment.

I can’t even imagine what the captions and comments were like on these photos.  I’m sure they were sheer genius.

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Christmas wouldn’t be the same without the NBA

This Christmas Day’s NBA schedule includes:

Celtics @ Knicks, Bulls @ Lakers, Magic @ Thunder, Clippers @ Warriors, and my personal favorite, HEAT @ MAVERICKS.

Merry Christmas, Miami; here’s the Mavs’ 2011 Championship banner in your face.

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Tis the season of giving

As reported by USA Today earlier this month, it has become a trend over the past weeks that good Samaritans have been either personally or anonymously paying off the layaway balances of complete strangers.  This act of Holiday giving began in Michigan, before spreading to various states such as Nebraska, Ohio, and Missouri.

Normally over here at StudentCity we tend to keep things lighthearted, funny, and at times a bit provocative.  However, during this time of year it is important that we don’t forget the true meaning behind the Holidays that we celebrate.  It is a beautiful thing for people to have enough heart to want to help out families who are crunching numbers to make ends meet in order to provide a magical Christmas morning for their children.

This Holiday season, we ask that you do whatever you can to somehow give back to your community.  Whether you jump on the anonymous bandwagon of individuals who are paying off layaway balances of strangers, volunteer at a shelter, making donations to other various charities in the form of money or gifts, or even contribute a small amount to help pay off someone’s layaway balance.  Remember, any amount helps.

Try not to get caught up in the trend of extravagant gift-giving this Holiday season, and think about how much more meaningful it is to help out those who are less fortunate than we are.  Or, if you are giving expensive gifts this year, chances are if you can afford that designer bag for your sister, you can spare $10 to donate to a charity.

In the words of Biggie Smalls, “We can’t change the world unless we change ourselves.”  Do your part, and have a safe and happy Holiday!

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Just a guy pooping in a parking lot

HPOST- A Connecticut man with a drug addiction and a spastic colon allegedly defecated in the parking lot of a New Milford bank before robbing the establishment. The man’s wife and kids were with him and sat in the getaway car, police said.

Don’t threaten Russell Mace with a good time.  What a festive way to rob a bank.  With most of the weird news that I read about, I have claimed many times over that nothing will surprise me anymore.  Well, kids, I have been proven wrong, thanks to Mr. Russell Mace…the man who dropped a heater in the parking lot of a bank before robbing it.

Seriously though, if his colon is so spastic that he has to drop one in the parking lot before a bank robbery, he should probably rethink his status as a bank robber.  Way to avoid drawing attention to yourself, Russell.  You really came out of nowhere with that robbery after taking a dump in the parking lot in front of your wife and kids, as well as the rest of the general public.

Get to a bathroom, guy.  I hope he at least carries around those doggie-doodoo bags to clean up after himself.

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25 years later, a woman has a pen removed from her stomach

Huffington Post- Twenty-five years ago, a woman told her husband and general practitioner that she accidentally swallowed a felt-tip pen. They didn’t believe her at the time, and now they’re eating their words. In a bizarre medical story, doctors in Britain say that they removed an intact pen from a woman’s stomach — and it still writes, according to a case report published in the British Medical Journal.  (for the full story)

We’re all wondering the same things, right? 

1) How did she live 25 years with a friggen WHOLE PEN in her stomach?

2) Why was there never an x-ray done to prove that she had or hadn’t indeed swallowed a pen?

3) Most importantly:  How did she swallow a whole pen?

CTV News explains: The woman says she remembers standing on a set of stairs, using a hand mirror and the felt-tip pen to investigate a lump on her tonsil. Why she was standing on the stairs while doing this isn’t clear; perhaps the light was better there. In any case, the woman managed to slip and fall and swallow the pen whole.

Is she for real?  Clearly the broad:

a) loves attention (Look at me!  Call up the Guinness Book of World Records!! I can live with a pen in my stomach for 25 years!) or b) wasn’t checking out her tonsils like she says she was.  There is no way anyone can casually swallow an entire pen whole without an episode of choking also ensuing, thus making it impossible for her husband to not believe her.  I don’t know what this freak could’ve been doing that resulted in swallowing a pen and keeping it in her stomach for 25 years, but it sure as hell wasn’t by checking her tonsils.

Side note…said pen still works after 25 years in said stomach.

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No pre-nup involved for Kobe

As everyone probably knows by now, Kobe Bryant’s wife, Vanessa, has filed for divorce due to “irreconcilable differences” after 10 years of marriage.  As you may not know, Kobe and Vanessa did not enter into any pre-nuptial agreements.  This could get REALLY cute in the upcoming months.

Reports show that throughout his career Kobe has earned $280 million in NBA salaries, which does not include the money he has made from other various endorsement deals, such as with McDonalds and Nike.  GET IT, VANESSA!

Now…I aint sayin’ she’s a gold digger, but. . .

Hats off to Vanessa Bryant.  This exudes everything that many women aspire to do; marry first for money and second for love.  Make some rich guy fall so in love with you that he calls you Mamacita, often speaks to you in Spanish, and doesn’t find need for a pre-nup.  Stick it out for a few years, then it’s see ya later.  Not like Kobe made it difficult for Vanessa to want to leave him.

Vanessa even took it a step further so as to pop out a couple kids with the dude, and stand by his side when he publicly admitted to adultery.  That’s dedication.  Can’t hate on that.  After all, she scored a rock and a half (an eight-carat diamond ring) after everything that she went through with him.

Sucks to suck, Kobe.  If ya don’t know, now ya know…Kobe also has Vanessa’s name tattooed on his arm.  Girl’s an inspiration.

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Michael Jackson’s hair to be turned into WHAT?

Michael Jackson, the King of Pop’s hair is going to be turned into a roulette ball by an online gambling site.

AOL- Gambling website will transform a wad of Jackson’s hair into roulette ball! The gambling website purchased a lock of the late pop icon’s hair from an online memorabilia vendor, Gotta Have Rock & Roll, for $10,871. The hair was reportedly collected at New York’s Carlyle Hotel, where Jackson once stayed while attending a charity event. “As its proud new owners, we have decided to convert Michael Jackson’s hair into a roulette ball — an appropriately unique way to immortalize a small part of a truly peerless entertainer,” the gambling site announced of their plans for their new acquisition. But the ball of MJ’s tresses will not be put on the mantlepiece, displayed for all to see. Oh no, “The ball itself will be made to the highest professional standards, ensuring it will be eligible for use at any licensed casino’s roulette table,” the site insisted, revealing their plan to put the piece to use.


…Allow me to digress real quick; I am a HUGE MJ fan.  Always have been, always will be.  In honor of this story I am currently listening to Michael on my iPod.  I even once cussed out a DJ at the end of the night for not playing any MJ, he then reminded me that I hadn’t requested that he play any, to which I responded, “I didn’t know the King of Pop had to be requested…”

Regardless of my MJ Fever, this is weird.  Everything about this is bizarre and creepy.  Everyone involved needs their head checked.

1. The hair was reportedly collected at New York’s Carlyle Hotel, where Jackson once stayed while attending a charity event.  So who’s the creeper who collected the hair from around his hotel room/ WHAT?

2. What kind of sickos are running this gambling site that they even fathomed doing this?

3. Will this ever really work out and be a positive business endeavor?  Some crazy MJ fan will probably try to steal it, etc., if the ball is implemented for real-time use in a casino.

First thought after reading this story: It will suck to be the person who loses this roulette ball.

Second though after reading this story: I wonder what casino will become the proud owner of this roulette ball and how much money it will bring them in the long run from crazy MJ fans wanting to come see it/ take a turn on the roulette table with it.


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