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Spring Break 2015 in Acapulco

Acapulco, the party never stops, so you may want to choose your spring break hotel based on the noise-level. Chances are that if you don’t choose a quiet one, you’ll just be up for 7 days straight. And that may not be a bad thing for some of you.


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Extraordinary spring break accommodations

Playa Suites, StudentCity's headquarters hotel

Playa Suites is the epicenter of daytime spring break partying, located directly on the beach in the center of Acapulco bay. The all inclusive package offers 24-hour food/beverage options and bottled water. With easy access to Acapulco's most beautiful beaches, this hotel is perfect for students who want to participate in a variety of beach activities and spring break contests or just wants to kick back with some drinks and work on their tan.

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Can you keep it up all night long?

Night owls flock to Acapulco to dance with the devil and flirt with the sunrise. The party usually starts around 11:30pm, and goes on until it's so late it's early. Sometimes even until noon the next day!

Legendary nightlife

Nightlife in Acapulco is next level. Clubs in Acapulco generally include all-you-can drink, so dress to impress to get in the clubs and dance all night with the aid of million dollar sound systems and kick-ass laser and light shows. Plus with fireworks over the bay bungee jumping from a cliff and endless options to pregame before the clubs get kickiní, Acapulco pulls out all the stops to make your Spring Break the stuff legends are made of.

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Party Packages

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Don't pay cover.

On Spring Break, the cost of entry into the coolest clubs can range from $25 - $60 a night and even more if there's a celebrity appearance. Not to mention that the wait in line for the most popular Acapulco clubs can take up to two hours if you don't get there early.

Express entry.

But, hey, don't worry - with our Acapulco party package, you can get express entry into the clubs and avoid the cover charge altogether. You'll gain express entry into Palladium, Mandara, Lukrecia, and more

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Go ahead, try something new!

There are many things to do in Acapulco if you want to get away from the regular pool and beach scene to try something new! In Acapulco you can watch the cliff divers at La Quebrada cliffs, go SCUBA diving, or party down on a Booze Cruise in the bay.

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Day Parties


We'll bring the party

Our Acapulco Day Parties are, in a word, ridiculous. We'll bring the party with a DJ, hot music, and an MC to host your favorite off-the-chain Spring Break contests, from bikini contests and tug-of-wars to beach olympics and beer pong. Plus, you can win prizes like VIP bottle service, tee-shirts, restaurant gift certificates, Spring Break trip vouchers for next year, and more!

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On-site Staff


You don't need a babysitter

But just in case, we've got our destinations staffed with StudentCity representatives who are available 24/7. You'll meet them first at your orientation and then you'll see them everywhere you go.

If you have a question, just find someone in a red StudentCity shirt or call the 24/7 StudentCity onsite number and we'll make sure you're taken care of.

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