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In your down time...

Excursion are the extra stuff; the meat that travel companies are made out of - and they’re awesome! In Spring you can choose from a variety of exciting excursions and adventures to embark on with your friends!

Cliff Divers at La Quebrada

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A can't miss experience.

Don't miss the opportunity to see the world-famous cliff divers take the dangerous 136 foot plunge into a tide-filled cove. But don't get any ideas about jumping; these divers precisely time each dive so the waves cushion them against the jagged rocks below.

Find the right tour for you.

Your tour will include beer or soft drinks, entrance fee and transportation to and from your hotel. Don't miss out on this iconic Acapulco attraction, add this excursion to your StudentCity Spring Break trip today!


Shotover Jet Boat

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See Acapulco from every angle.

Experience the thrill of the boat spinning 360 degrees while enjoying some of Mexico's most spectacular and unusual scenery. Skim alongside trees and obstacles at high speeds, then check out the wildlife in the jungle from the safety and comfort of this Shotover Jet Boat.

Me Tarzan. You Jane.

This trip will take you through the mangroves of the Puerto Marques Lagoon, the stunning backdrop for the early Tarzan movies. You don't wanna miss out on this amazing and exciting experience, so add it to your StudentCity Spring Break trip today!