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Spring Break 2015 in Negril, Jamaica

Negril, Jamaica, the party never stops, so you may want to choose your spring break hotel based on the noise-level. Chances are that if you don’t choose a quiet one, you’ll just be up for 7 days straight. And that may not be a bad thing for some of you.


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Welcome, Mon!

The hotels in Negril, Jamaica cater to the Spring Breaker who wants to party with the best of them, but also relax, spend time outdoors and enjoy the scenery.

Travellers Beach Resort, our headquarter hotel.

Whether you want to step it up and party hard during the Wet and Wild Welcome Parties and daily pool events, or if you want to kick back and relax under the warm Caribbean sun, Travellers let's you have the best of both worlds.

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Open-air bars.

The nightlife in Negril, Jamaica is phenomenal with open-air bars and beach parties so crazy you'll need to spend the day recuperating. Just head to Margaritaville to see live bands and jump on a water trampoline, or go to Risky Business to dance along with a DJ or live Reggae music.

And if you want to dance all night.

The Jungle is the only nightclub in Negril and it's the place to go if you want to dance until 6 AM. It's also a great place to relax, especially if you'd enjoy a nice cold one outside. Kick back on the roof and beat your buddies in ping-pong, or test your luck on the slot machines. You can even relax in a hot tub with other Spring Breakers. The Jungle is a fantastic place to spend a Spring Break Jamaica night.

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Party Packages

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Don't Pay Cover.

On Spring Break, the cost of entry into the coolest clubs can range from $25 - $60 a night and even more if there's a celebrity appearance. Not to mention that the wait in line for the popular clubs can take up to two hours if you don't get there early. But, hey, don't worry - with our party package, you get open bars including express entry into the clubs avoiding the cover charge altogether!

Express Entry & Open bar nightly!

In Jamaica, you'll gain express entry into Margaritaville, The Jungle, Risky Business and Fun Holiday.

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Go ahead, try something new!

There are many things to do in Negril if you want to get away from the regular beach and pool scene to try something new! In Negril the most popular excursions include: SCUBA diving, snorkeling, waterfall tours, canopy tours, river rafting and glass-bottom boat rides.

Leave it to the professionals.

StudentCity uses JTL Tours as our ground handler and they are located in specific hotels during specific times either given to you during your orientation or posted at the StudentCity bulletin board at your hotel. By using their services they can help you make reservations with ease and will provide discounts and specials.

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On-site Staff


You don't need a babysitter

But just in case, we've got our destinations staffed with StudentCity representatives who are available 24/7. You'll meet them first at your orientation and then you'll see them everywhere you go.

If you have a question, just find someone in a red StudentCity shirt or call the 24/7 StudentCity onsite number and we'll make sure you're taken care of.

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