South Padre Island, TX
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South Padre Island FAQ & Answers

Most people have questions about their spring break. We've compiled a list of the most common questions we get from customers. Want to know what the drinking age is in South Padre Island? We've got you covered.

What does my package include?

  • Welcome Orientation to tell you everything you need to know about safety, your location, and most importantly, where the partyís at!
  • Parties hosted exclusively by every night!
  • Discounts on Exclusive Party Packages
  • Free StudentCity wristband

    Available weeks of March 3rd, March 10th, & March 17th only

  • Do I need a passport?

    No! When traveling to South Padre Island you WILL NOT need a passport unless you plan to go on the Mexico day trip.

    Please visit: for more information.

    What happens if I lose my passport?

    If you do happen to lose your passport, whether you lost your luggage or just misplaced it while you were down at your destination you will need to go to the American Consulate or the Embassy to get a new one. You will be able to find a staff member while you are at your destination that will be able to help you.

    *Travel tip: make a copy of your IDs, passports or birth certificates and leave it with a family member for emergencies. They can always fax you a copy if you lose something.

    What is the weather like?

    Daytime temps range between the 70s and 80s; can get chilly at night.

    What about sun protection?

    Make sure to pack sunscreen!!! The sun is strong in South Padre so bring sun-block and use it! Tan gradually or you will spend the remainder of your vacation in your hotel room, in a doctorís office with sun poisoning, or extremely red and looking ridiculous.

    What is the national language?

    The national language in South Padre is English

    How do we dress for the night events?

    The nightlife in South Padre tends to follow an ďupscale casualĒ dress code though some clubs can be more strict than others. With the CityPass we do use clubs on a few nights that require a dress code including closed-toed shoes, pants, no cut-off sleeves or hats for men. For the clubs with dress codes the girls can usually get away with anything, except wearing just a bathing suit as a top. Make sure to pack some nice clothes to be on the safe side.Before packing please check the CityPass schedule for the updated themes.

    Will my hotel have compatible electrical connections?

    Yes, Electrical outlets at our provided hotels are all American since you are not leaving the country.

    What time zone is South Padre located in?

    South Padre is located in the Central Time Zone.

    How do I call home?

    Your cell phones should work, but if not, you can always purchase a calling card and use a pay phone.

    How much spending money do I need?

    The amount of money each person needs onsite is specific to the amount of money you traditionally spend. If you have received the additional Free Meals and Drinks or purchased an All Inclusive Option Room, you most likely wonít be spending much money on food and drinks. Same goes for the CityPass; if you pre-purchased this before your trip, drinks are included in each of the night events.In general, our experience has been that on average, most students use about an additional $350 for food and activities for a full week.

    Should I take cash or travelersí checks? recommends that you bring a combination of both. You will need some cash during travel and upon arrival, however for security reasons we recommend that you keep the bulk of your spending money in the form of travelers checks. You may use travelersí checks to pay for additional CityPasses, add the Meal Plan, or purchase Phone Cards from representatives. If travelersí checks are lost or stolen you will be able to get your money back.

    What happens when I get off the plane?

    Upon arrival to South Padre, follow the other travelers to the baggage claim area, pick up your things, and continue on. Once you have exited the terminal a staff member will be waiting for you with a transfer to bring you to your Welcome Orientation. If you do not see the staff member please be patient! During high volume traffic times you may need a few minutes in order to locate each other. Please do not take another form of transportation including another transfer company or taxi. You will NOT be reimbursed for these extra costs.

    How far is the transfer from the airport to the hotel?

    All travelers are brought to a Welcome Orientation upon arrival into South Padre. staff will give you everything you need to know about safety, your location, and most importantly, where the partyís at! They will address the ins and outs of the program, tell you what and what not to do, where and where not to go, as well as provide you all the essential party information! If you have pre-purchased the CityPass and/or received the Free Meals and Happy Hours bonus, you will be given your coupons immediately following the Orientation. It is important to attend so you are given the specific dates and times of each sponsored event, a wristband, important medical and emergency contact information, and if you did not purchase the CityPass ahead of time, you can do so before you head to your hotel. (Credit Cards are accepted in South Padre at the Welcome Orientation for purchase of CityPasses and Meal Plans)

    Where do I go if I need help?!

    All customer service issues are handled on-site. If you have customer service issues please use the number on your wristband and a staff member will assist you. You will also find staff at ALL hosted events, meals and hotels. DO NOT CALL OUR CORPORATE OFFICE IN THE UNITED STATES!

    What if some of our event information changes? Where can I find emergency numbers? How will I be informed of important updates?

    During Orientation you will receive a destination guide which will help you know whatís going on, when itís happening and where. It will provide you a list of doís and doníts of Spring Break, emergency numbers, the meal plan and free drinking hours. As well, each hotel will have a bulletin board posted in the lobby to help update you on emergency numbers, daily and weekly events, flight departure times, transfer pick-ups and any other pertinent information we feel you may find useful during your stay. Check these boards daily for important updates!

    Do I have to wear my StudentCity wristband?

    Yes! Sorry about the tan lines, but it is very important that you keep your wristband on from the moment you receive it until you depart. The wristband helps identify you as a traveler so that our on-site staff may assist you and help answer any questions you may have. The wristband also entitles you to discounts at various clubs, bars, restaurants and retail stores around South Padre.

    You will also be given a hotel wristband to help them determine who their customers are as well. Again it is important to keep both of these wristbands on for identification purposes

    What if I lose my wristband?

    If your wristband were to come off you can get a replacement by finding a Staff member or going to StudentCity.comís office. Times and location will be given to you at orientation.

    If you are to lose your hotel bracelet you will need to ask them if it is possible to get a replacement as their may be a cost associated with it due to hotel specific policies.

    What is the StudentCity CityPass? How much is it?

    South Padreís CityPass is an all-access, exclusive ticket to the hottest parties in town. The CityPass is the best way to experience StudentCity.comís nightlife to itís fullest! With your pre-purchase of the CityPass, you are entitled to express line entry (approximately 5-25 mins) vs. those who will have to wait in the long General Admission line (approximately 35-75 mins, and have no guarantee to come into the event), your cover charge, as well as access to the open bar at each bar/club! With the inclusions of the CityPass you are given the best exposure to the most exclusive events in town! South Padreís Platinum CityPass is available for purchase at the price of $129 for travelers and $139 for NON-Customers, and can be purchased before you leave. Contact us at 1-888-777-4642 for more details.

    Available weeks of March 3rd, March 10th, & March 17th only

    How and where do I get my StudentCity Pass?

    You can add the CityPass to your account up to the day before you leave for South Padre by accessing your account on our website, or by simply calling 1-888-777-4642 to speak with any one of StudentCity.comís representatives. If you miss out on the pre-purchase option, you will be given the opportunity to buy it onsite at your Welcome Orientation, or by speaking with any of the Onsite Staff members throughout your Spring Break week.

    What happens if I lose my coupons?

    Unfortunately, to avoid duplication/sharing of these coupons, lost or stolen meal coupons and CityPass coupons have to be re-purchased at the original price. The cost of the Meal Plan is $49.00 and the Platinum CityPass is $129.00. These coupons are as good as cash, so DONíT LOSE THEM! Also, write your name or initial the back of each coupon.

    What is the drinking age?

    The drinking age is 21 because you are still in the United States.

    Will I need my ID?

    Yes, you will need your ID when going out at night. The drinking age is 21, but most clubs allow 18+ entry. When you arrive at your hotel, please place all of your valuables, IDs and travel documents in the safe provided to you by the hotel.

    Is it safe to drink the water?

    Yes, itís safe to drink the water in South Padre.

    How do we get around?

    There are Taxis available and the costs will vary by the distance you are going. You can plan to pay anywhere from $2-$5 per person per ride.

    Depending on your hotel/location, a lot of places/events you will be attending with are within walking distance.

    Are there other things to do? How do I sign up for extra excursions?

    Optional South Padre side trips and activities include surfing lessons in some of the best surfing conditions anywhere, snorkeling and diving in amazing reefs, Spring Break beach bashes thrown by local promoters, and trips to Mexico.

    Are we allowed in other hotels?

    This will vary on the hotel. Most hotels will let you on the hotel grounds during the day but will regulate who is able to go up into the hotel rooms. At night any hotel that has policies of not letting outside guests into the hotel rooms will not be able to enter into the hotel at all.

    Can we bring alcohol into the hotel?

    The answer to this question can vary among hotels and can be combined with the question of whether you can bring outside food into their hotel as well. Most of the time you can bring food/alcohol in, but in the end it is up to the hotel. Alcohol requirements may also include the ability to bring plastic or cans in, but not glass.

    What do I do if I get sick?

    If you or any of the people you are traveling with get sick or need medical attention please contact the staff right away! You will be able to find them at all hosted events, during lobby hours or 24 hours a day by calling the emergency number provided to you on your wristband. The staff will assist you in accordance to the level of medical attention you may need. . ALL medical costs will need to be covered by the traveler and paid up front. If you have purchased the Travel Protection insurance you will be covered up to a certain amount, but you still need to pay the costs up front and keep the receipts to file a claim with the insurance company upon your arrival home.

    What if I have to leave the trip early?

    If you do have to leave the trip early and you booked one of our standard flights it will be your responsibility to find your own flight home. If you purchased the Optional Travel Insurance you may be eligible for a refund but will have pay all costs up front then contact the insurance company upon your arrival home to file a claim. If you have booked the flight lock option you will be able to contact the airline that you traveled on in order to change your flight. (Flight Change fees will vary depending on airline) Please contact the staff onsite for help with changing your flight.

    How do I get my return flight information? How do I know when and where to get my transfer?

    You will have your return flight information before you even leave for your trip. It will accompany your departure information on your travel vouchers. Transfers are typically scheduled 3 hours prior to your flight time. will post on the hotel bulletin boards the time you need to check out of your hotel as well as when and where your transfer will pick you up on your specific day of departure.

    Check out times. Our flight does not leave until late, when do we check out?

    Standard hotel check-out times are 11am, but please check. You are responsible for paying any late check out fees. Most of the hotels have a courtesy room for you to keep you luggage until you leave.