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Below is a list of important forms that may be needed prior to travel and some of which will be necessary to travel. You will be sent information regarding what documents your son/daughter will need for their trip.

Please note that ALL international travel now requires a valid Passport. Students will also want to bring a government issued photo ID when traveling both domestically and internationally.

If you have any questions regarding what you or your student will need, please contact customer service at (877) GRADCITY or email

  • High School Reservation Form

    This form can be printed and used while your son/daughter is signing up for the trip with their school.

  • Under 18 Authorization to Travel - REQUIRED!

    If your son/daughter is under the age of 18 at the time of travel, this form must be signed and notarized by BOTH legal guardians and carried with the traveler.

  • Co-Ed Rooming Form

    If your son/daughter is under 18 and wishes to stay in a co-ed room, this form must be signed by all persons in the room and submitted along with the rooming lists.

  • Rooming List Form

    This form must be completed by the group organizer and submitted at the time of final rooming. If GradCity does not receive this form, rooms will be assigned by gender.

  • Terms and Conditions

    Please review your full Terms and Conditions available here.

  • Cruise Authorization Form

    This form must be carried by the traveler if under 18 and traveling on the Nassau, Bahamas Party Cruise. This is not necessary if traveling to Nassau by Air.

  • Organizer Sign Up List

    This can be used if you know people who are interested in going on the trip. Interested participants can sign up with the organizer to get more information.

  • Reservation Change Request Form

    This must be signed by all travelers and submitted if you wish to change your hotel and/or destination.

  • Ski Liability Form

    If traveling during our WinterFest program, this form must be signed and submitted prior to travel.

  • Cruise - Landing Card

    Cruise Landing Card

  • Cruise - On-board Credit

    Cruise on-board credit.

  • Travelers Insurance

    This describes what is covered for insurance for trips.