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What are you Waiting for?

We have the best Party Packages available for top destinations.


    FREE cover, OPEN bar & EXPRESS entry to Cancun’s hottest clubs & Inception Music Festival events.


    4 nights of OPEN bar, FREE cover & EXPRESS entry at Nassau’s best clubs.


    Panamaniac Card: go to the best parties in PCB.
    FREE cover charges and 30 hours of FREE beer & cocktails.

Party Packages


The StudentCity Party Pass is ESSENTIAL when you're on Spring Break. We run the parties and nightlife in these destinations, and our parties are the wildest - everyone wants in on them.

Without our party package you'll spend $40 - $100 per night on cover charges alone to get into the best clubs.

Why get a party pass?

  • Get FREE cover, EXPRESS ENTRY, and OPEN BAR (in select destinations)
  • Go to the best and largest Spring Break events
  • See the best entertainers in the party industry
  • Get all of this under one prepaid price!

Spring Break parties get crazier each year, with talent of equal and larger caliber than we’ve ever had before. Book your trip and secure your StudentCity Party Pass to go to all of our events!

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World Class Entertainment


We are known for hosting the biggest parties, boasting the most well known names from all over the world. We line up the best of the best to rock with us on Spring Break.

  • Tiesto
  • Alesso
  • Hardwell
  • Afrojack
  • Snoop Dogg
  • David Guetta
  • Avicii

Things are only going to get bigger from here on out with the caliber of entertainment joining us for Spring Break - don’t miss out!

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The Day Parties MAKE Spring Break


Don’t think you're going to spend your afternoons resting in preparation for another night out. The days are just as epic as the nights! StudentCity day parties are legendary.

Party with our very own DJs and MCs!

  • Dance until the sun is ready to go down
  • Participate in wild contests
  • Win awesome prizes such as t-shirts, swag from StudentCity & our sponsors, and Spring Break trip vouchers!

Don't lounge the day away. We simply won't allow it. These day parties are what give Spring Break with StudentCity the reputation that it has upheld for over 20 years. Come away with us; you won't regret it!

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Helpful Staff - We’re there when you need us.


In all of our destinations we recruit, hire, and train a team of on-site staff members who are brought down on location during Spring Break to represent StudentCity and to assist with running our programs.

  • We are NOT babysitters. We are present to ensure our travelers have a hassle-free vacation and an awesome time!
  • We are present at all day parties and night events run by StudentCity.
  • We set up a 24-hour room in all destinations for travelers to visit with any issues.
  • We have an emergency phone number that travelers may utilize 24/7 in any emergency situation.
  • We are ALWAYS available.
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