Spring Break

Where to go on Spring Break?

So you and your friends have decided you’re going to take your relationships to another level, maybe learn some things about each other you never knew before…You’ve decided you’re all going on Spring Break together! This is a big step. You’ll learn who can hang with the best of them, who can’t, and where you truly lay in the mix. Spring Break is nothing short of Jon Taffer’s “Stress Test” on Bar Rescue; organized mayhem. And you’re going to need a solid group with you to fall back on. Yes, Spring Break is a quintessential stress test for the everyday college kid.  

Now that you’ve decided to go, the next question in the shoot is “where”? There are a few options here, and each provides a different experience. The number one Spring Break location would be Cancun, Mexico. During the Spring Break weeks (the entire month of March), this place is filled with tens of thousands of college kids, all getting rowdy. I’m talking crowds so big, you can’t see where they end. Music so loud you can barely hear your friends the next morning, and the only time you sleep is when you pass out in your hotel room. Cancun is the ultimate mecca for Spring Breakers, and is the place I would highly recommend you and your friends go if you are looking for an unforgettable, and at times, an unable to remember trip. 

If the 24/7 rager doesn’t seem like the spot for you, do not worry. There are plenty of other locations that can cater to your ideal Spring Break needs and being able to relax when needed. Nassau in the wonderful Bahamas is a great location that offers exclusive parties at amazing night clubs, but doesn’t take away from your ability to lay low and relax on the beach. So, let’s say you and your friends go out one night to a club and get a little too turnt up. The next morning you’ll be able to sweat out the hangover on the beach without having to see alcohol everywhere around you. You’ll be able to fully experience the location with great offers such as jet skiing and scuba diving, and then after be able to rage your face off…again.  

A third option is to stay domestic and hit up Panama City Beach, Florida. The number one Spring Break destination inside the US, PCB offers an insane Spring Break atmosphere with the advantage of staying stateside, and saving a bit of money. Panama City Beach is along the lines of Cancun, with epic day parties on the beach, and then during the night you get to party in the many number of clubs along the strip, including a double decker, indoor and outdoor club La Vela, the largest night club in the US. This place is absurd, packed with rooms with different DJs playing different genres of music, so one minute you could be listening to rap, and the next you’re listening to house music in the next room over.  

Of course, there are many options laid out for you on the StudentCity website, making it easy for you and your friends to get ready for the most intense, out of control week of your life. Feel free to look around if you have questions, but fair warning: once you go on Spring Break, you’ll be hooked forever.