Experience The Perfect Puerto Vallarta Spring Break: Beach, Bars, And More

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Are you planning a spring break vacation? If you’re wondering the best place to go, a spring break in Mexico’s Puerto Vallarta has boatloads of fun, amazing scenery, and friends to party with.

Plan your next trip to Puerto Vallarta with the tips below. StudentCity would also love to help you create the perfect trip to make this spring break your best one yet, so don’t hesitate to call the team.

Puerto Vallarta: The Premier West Coast Hot Spot For Spring Break!

Why is Puerto Vallarta one of the most popular Mexico spring break destinations? It’s right on Mexico’s gorgeous Pacific Coast, with the vibrant city running along Mexico’s largest bay.

As a popular spring break destination, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to party on the Puerto Vallarta beaches. The city also offers all-inclusive resorts, lively nightlife, and eateries ranging from cheap local cafés to extravagant dining opportunities. You’ll eat well, party hard, and play hard in this sunny vacation spot.

Mexico Spring Break Destinations: Discover Puerto Vallarta’s Iconic Beaches For Yourself

It’s no surprise that Puerto Vallarta is still one of Mexico’s most popular spring break hot spots. Every spring breaker loves the area’s two iconic beaches.

Lively Beachfront Paradise with Waterfront Dining | Playa De Los Muertos

No college spring break party is complete without a beachfront paradise with ample space and amenities. Playa de Los Muertos derives its name from the early Spanish ships that wrecked off the coast of the beautiful sand beach. There’s easy ocean access and the following attractions:

· Water sports like jet skis, banana boats, and paragliding

· A beach pier designed by renowned architect José de Jesús Torres Vega

· Glorious sunsets

· World-famous Puerto Vallarta fresh oysters

· Several quality restaurants right on the beach

Pristine Sands And Spectacular Sunsets | Las Glorias Beach

Located within the Puerto Vallarta hotel zone, Las Glorias Beach’s 3,000 feet of sand and popular resorts include:

· Las Palmas by the Sea

· Sunset Plaza Beach Resort

· Plaza Pelicanos Grand Beach Resort

· Canto del Sol Plaza Vallarta

· Amber & Secrets Vallarta Bay

It’s only slightly over two miles from the city center, providing amazing access to attractions and restaurants. You can eat and sleep in style and enjoy other activities on the beach, such as:

· Swimming

· Horseback riding

· Kayaking

· Windsurfing

· Water skiing 

· Jet skiing

· Whale watching

· Parasailing

Las Glorias Beach offers it all for spring break, from large-scale parties to individual activities!

Take Your College Spring Break Party On Puerto Vallarta’s Epic Bar-Hopping Adventures

A complete spring break in Mexico requires some bar hopping, and Puerto Vallarta provides plenty of opportunities. Plan on sampling the following local watering holes:

Bar La Playa’s Coastal Gem For Drinks, Entertainment, And Chill Vibes

Bar La Playa stands out as one of the most well-loved spring break destinations in Puerto Vallarta. It’s just a small sidewalk bar within short walking distance of the Playa de Los Muertos, but tourists and locals claim the bar has the best cocktails available at the best prices in town. Some nights have live music to go with the high-quality margaritas, mezcalitos, and mojitos!

The Beautiful Infinity Pool And Irresistible Cocktails At Chictini By Pinnacle

What could be better than a bunch of sun-kissed spring breakers in a beautiful infinity pool with irresistible cocktails? Chictini by Pinnacle is an adults-only resort offering some amazing amenities for its guests. Get full access to the resort’s unparalleled views of Puerto Vallarta and three penthouses with private dipping pools!

Alternatively, you’ll love the bar if you’re just stopping by for drinks. The mixologists craft custom cocktails from some of the highest-quality liquors in the world. You can also choose from an impressive wine list while enjoying the spectacular view. Visitors say it sports the world’s most perfect margarita.

Spring Break Hot Spots | Experience Puerto Vallarta’s Paradise Fully Prepared

Are you ready for your Puerto Vallarta spring break? Follow these tips to make the most of your vacation:

Consider The Culture

As a popular resort town, you’ll find that the servers and hospitality professionals speak English. However, learning Spanish phrases can help you navigate the less-touristy areas for a more unique experience. Carry Pesos; not every establishment accepts American currency.

Don’t Miss Breakfast

Spring break nights run long, but you should prioritize eating breakfast to help your money go further and enjoy more attractions. It’s the most affordable meal of the day, with a mix of savory and sweet options like huevos rancheros with a side of fruit. You can then eat a late lunch (for a fixed price) and a small late dinner to get you through the night’s festivities.

Save On Transportation

Consider the cost of flashy or exciting transportation, such as a water taxi. Your money goes further by using public transportation in town.

Moderate Tap Water Usage

One of the first things people say about Mexico is, “Don’t drink the tap water!” Puerto Vallarta is only a partial exception since the city does have a good filtration system. However, while you can safely shower and brush your teeth, it’s still safer to drink bottled water.

Explore The Sights

You’re coming to Puerto Vallarta for the beaches, but why miss out on all the stunning attractions inland? At the base of the mountains, Canopy Vallarta provides zip line tours, a UTV course, and other jungle adventures. You can also find horseback riding, an observatory, and wildlife tours if you can get off the beach.


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