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Why Should I Book My Spring Break Trip Early?

Sadly, Spring Break 2023 has just come to an end.  Although day dreaming about the amazing time you had on your trip is a great way to get through those late afternoon classes, it is not going to get you Spring Break 2024 any faster.  Just like you, we are counting down the months until our favorite season rolls around, but the only thing that will make the time go by faster is if you have another trip to look forward to. 

Booking your Spring Break 2024 trip almost a year in advance might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but there are SO many reasons that it will be the best thing you decided to do this spring.  Why should I book my Spring Break trip early you ask?  Let us enlighten you:   

  1. LOWEST PRICES OF THE YEAR: It’s not rocket science; in the travel industry, rates increase as inventory decreases. Depositing now can save you HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS on pricing alone, and who doesn’t love saving money? 
  2. HAVE A GUARANTEED SPOT ON THE TRIP, and more importantly in the same resort as your friends.  Spring Break is not the same unless you are with your friends and our Headquarters Hotels sell out first each year!  So the longer you wait, there’s a greater chance that you will miss out and have to stay in a different resort than the majority of our travelers.
  3. LONG TERM PAYMENT PLANS: Placing a small deposit now to secure your spot on the trip gives you the longest amount of time to slowly, and comfortably pay the trip off.  Perfect for those of you who are looking at your bank accounts right now and realizing you took one too many trips to the bar this semester.
  4. FLEXIBILITY: After you deposit, you have up until September 30th 2023 to make changes to your reservation, destination, or inclusions without any change fees from StudentCity. Depositing now secures your spot on the trip and enables a fully transferrable deposit until the change deadline (current package pricing applies at time of switch). 

If we have convinced you that booking your 2024 Spring Break trip early is the way to go, be sure check out all of our fantastic destinations.  Click button below and fill out the form TODAY if you want to get more information about booking the trip of a lifetime!  One of our travel specialists will give you a call and get your trip started!