Panama City Beach is the #1 Spring Break spot in the US, and when you're rolling with StudentCity you get exclusive access to the best bars, pool & beach parties, concerts, and more!

Largest Spring Break Spot

Aerial shot of spring break in Panama City Beach
The Largest Spring Break Destination

Panama City Beach is home to 27 miles of sand along the Gulf of Mexico, but you'll barely even be able to see the sand because it will be covered with spring breakers!

  • Home to Club La Vela, the largest nightclub in North America
  • Weekly concerts on the beach with headlining talent at Sharky's Beach Bash
  • Crazy parties on the beach every day with DJs and MCs

Very Affordable

3 girls partying on the beach at spring break in Panama City Beach
A Budget-Friendly Spring Break!

PCB is a domestic destination, which gives you the option to travel by car, bus, or plane, making it the most affordable and flexible option for Spring Break. 

  • Arrive by car or bus and avoid dealing with airports and luggage fees
  • Park your car for the week at StudentCity's Headquarters Hotel, Laketown Wharf
  • Book your own flights to find times that work best for you

Exclusive Day Parties

A group of spring breakers posing in front a StudentCity tent
The Party Never Stops ...

You'll never be bored when on Spring Break in PCB. There's always multiple pool and beach parties going on at the hottest spots, and we provide you with exclusive VIP access!

  • Spend the beginning of your day at Laketown Wharf, our Headquarters Hotel, where we throw pool parties every day
  • ONLY StudentCity travelers get free beer at Laketown Wharf from 11am-2pm daily! 
  • Head to the StudentCity beach stage at Club La Vela to rage until the sun goes down

Why Travel with Us

Optional Bus Transportation icon
Optional Bus Transportation

We can set up deluxe motor coach transportation for groups of travelers to Panama City Beach, Florida.

Luxury Condo Accommodations icon
Luxury Condo Accommodations

Our headquarters hotel in Panama City Beach boasts ideal luxury condominium accommodations.

StudentCity Staff icon
StudentCity Staff

Professional StudentCity staff members are available 24 hours daily and present at all StudentCity events.

Free Beer at Laketown Wharf icon
Free Beer at Laketown Wharf

Only StudentCity travelers get FREE BEER at our Headquarters Hotel pool parties everyday from 11am-2pm.

Party Package Bundle icon
Party Package Bundle

Purchase tickets and passes to the best clubs and events in PCB in a bundle package PLUS get free drinking hours, only with StudentCity.

Hammerhead Fred's Welcome Dinner icon
Hammerhead Fred's Welcome Dinner

All-inlcusive accommodations are not available in the states but we offer an exclusive Welcome Dinner at Hammerhead Fred's on Sunday nights with free dinner buffet and drinks for 4 hours!

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